Weekend pleasures...

The weather has been so unpredictable.

We have always been away the month of November,

it is an interesting transition month.

We have had days of rain, wind and overcast conditions,

interspersed with a day or two of glorious sunshine.

It's a good thing to have lots of things to do.

I am very glad we have an adventure ahead of us

that promises lots of sunny days.



Pamela Gordon said...

I love these sweet vignettes especially the Christmas ornament ones. I have a lot of vintage Christmas ornaments that I put out every year (soon!) and I enjoy seeing other's collections. Will you miss decorating for Christmas this year as you will be away? Have a great day. Oh... It's sunny here and 12C. A lovely afternoon!

Christa said...

I do believe that you are never without something to do or create on any given day. Love all your creations. I really like your new header as well. xoxo