The Golden Buddha,

We are six kilometers south of the town Hua Hin

in the small village of Khao Takiab.

From our beach you can see Khao Takiab mountain with its most distinct feature, a very impressive golden colored,

20 meters high Buddha statue overlooking the sea.

Khao Takiab is a beautiful and relaxed place to stay, quieter than Hua Hin, with a great sandy beach and a good number of seaside restaurants.

Yesterday, Jim and I took the truck taxi and then walked to the statue.

Even in the early morning it was already very warm.

This is a town where there are still lovely resorts but mostly it is where

the villagers live.

The Golden Standing Buddha is really very impressive.

I climbed up the 152 steep stairs to take my photos.

What a view, it was so worth the climb.

The mountain as seen from our resort beach.

You could walk the several km's when the

tide is low.


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Christa said...

Wow ... absolutely amazing ...that's a lot of stairs to climb... !!! So happy you were able to see this magnificent statue of the Golden Buddha and get these pictures. I'm sure when the tide is out you may take the time to walk those km's. xoxo