The things I do miss..

Traveling away from home is always a compromise.

I have friends who love their annual traditions so much, they could

never travel away from home at Christmas time.

Since my Mom passed away in 2000 it has never been the same for me.

So we made new traditions.

What I do miss most of all, is my sweet little Claire.

Happiness is knowing that Jeremy and Julie have

started their own tradition with Claire.

This year they will go to Julie's parents in Victoria to celebrate Christmas.

Julie's Grandma is 102. It will be wonderful for both of them to see each other again.

I am so glad Claire has that in her DNA.

Claire and I made up these Christmas cards on my last visit to see her.

We used my iPad, combined with the

"Martha Stewart Craft Studio" app.

She loves the glitter.




Country Gal said...

Glad your enjoying your trip ! I hear you I lost my mum in 2006 and Christmas has never felt the same for me either but I stay here for my kids for now , maybe in the future Papa and I will make our own Christmas tradition and go on a trip every year at this time to some where warm and cozy and dry lol ! Thanks for sharing lovely pics . have a good week !

Christa said...

Well ... I admit it ... I am one of those friends that has a hard time going anywhere at Christmas time ... I love all the traditions that both of our families carried on thru the years and now our own children are celebrating those traditions as well. You my dear have your own way of celebrating ... enjoying your passions. You also have created something very special with Claire with all the cards you made for her to open each week until you are back in BC. Thank goodness for technology that you are able to see her often. I love all those cards that the two of you created ... It's quite obvious she love the glitter ... tee tee ... xoxo