Hua Hin


This small little town grew into the resort town that it is now with a population of 85,000 people.

It means "Row of Rocks"

It has a large shopping mall plus lots of small

shops and restaurants.

They have an inexpensive way to get around.

You just flag down these truck taxis, pay 30 cents and you are get drivenaround in the back of these

trucks with benchs on both sides.

I will try and get a few photos tomorrow.

Here are a few photos just around our condo.

We are so going to enjoy our 6 weeks at this place.



Christa said...

Oh my ... what a beautiful place on the waterfront. I know you will enjoy your stay there. Love all the photos ... so bright and colourful. Have a great day touring. xoxo

Log Cabin Studio said...

Wow.. what a great looking place,