Enjoying our new condo...

It's quiet, on the beach, has several restaurants, a beach bar,

thick lounge cushions, beautiful pools

and so far, no loud people.

The beach is so much wider here, so we can walk as soon as the tide recedes.

We are planning on exploring the little side streets in the next few days

to see what new little restaurants we can find.

No major adventures planned here until we head south to Koh Samui

in a month from now.

However, we are always open to do something spontaneous.

To all of you who love the snow and where you are,

I am happy, truly happy for you.

But I was born with a suitcase heart and there are just too many places

I still need to see to stay in one spot too long.




Pamela Gordon said...

It looks lovely there by the pool! And the view of the ocean is gorgeous. It's a cold -9 here today and cloudy but no snow until the weekend. Have a beautiful week!

Log Cabin Studio said...

What an amazing view.

Doyle Hunt said...

I believe I would be enjoying your new condo if I were in your shoes! The views look fantastic and your photos are stunning. The ocean looks such a startling shade of blue I could sit there all day. I'm sure you have plenty of exploring to do. You must keep us all updated on all of the treasures you find.