Hello February...

Luckily we still have 28 days before we fly home.

We plan to make the best of these next 4 weeks.

I got up early to capture the sun rise.

It was one of those special moments in time when

I saw a saffron robed monk walk up the beach to collect his alms.

As he walked back, he gave me a sweet smile that felt

like a blessing.

I gave him one of my sweetest smiles back.

A moment I will always treasure.



HWIT BLOGG said...

Always nice visiting your blog! Lovely pictures from Thailand too...
Have a beautiful holiday!

Lorrie said...

Such a gorgeous sunrise. Makes getting up early well worthwhile.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Great pictures! Happy February!

prairiegirl said...

Watching the sun come up in Thailand....a saffron robe...a smile. I would never leave! The monks have a genuine gentleness about them, don't they? Lucky you. I consider than a beautiful omen. ;)

Christa said...

Beautiful sunrise ... thank you for sharing the video. Loved it ... so calming. You are truly blessed to witness the sunrise and to see the Monk on that beautiful morning. Enjoy the gift. xoxo