Hua Hin Market..

This is where the food and other vendors

sell their produce, flowers, clothing, etc to both

private and public clients.

It is amazing to see rows and rows of fresh fish, fruits, flowers,

vegetables interspersed with toys, makeup, spices

and women sewing on old tredle machines.

I want to go back again and have a enjoy another look around.

I find it fascinating to see all their hard work

for sale right in front of you.




Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

The market looks such a colourful and vibrant place to visit.
Oh the flowers are beautiful and I imagine the fragrance is amazing too.
The vegetables and fruit are delicious - there are a few items there I don't know and probably wouldn't be game to try!!!
I wonder what you bought and then cooked - do tell us Dagmar!
Shane x

Christa said...

Wonderful assortment of colours at the market. The pictures of the flowers are amazing. I love the picture of you my dear friend. xoxo