Just walking around...

Just after dropping our laundry off,

we decided to walk down some of the side streets

we have not been to before.

I love seeing how the real Thai people live.

Some live in nice homes with clean yards,

other are filled with everyday junk that somehow accumulates.

Washing hanging out in an empty lot, fish frying on the sidewalk,

a handmade play pen,

some ornate gates, flowers sold at a street stall.

The simple pleasure of enjoying a pineapple smoothie.

Here are a few of the sights that we saw today.

The highlight was seeing the monks come to our condo to

lead prayers on New Years Day.


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Christa said...

Your pineapple smoothie looks delicious ... interesting what you saw on your walk down the side streets. Love the pictures. I can well imagine how special it was seeing the Monks at your condo. Enjoy your day... !! xoxo