A very windy couple of days...

It's been windy and cooler the last couple of days.

This makes exploring easier as

it's not as humid and hot.

Here are a few photos of the resorts and area in and around

Takiab where we are.

We have one more week here, then heading south next Wednesday.

This sure is a contrast to the snow that fell

in BC today.



Pamela Gordon said...

You look so pretty and happy Dagmar. I'm curious about the blue tiled waterway and wonder if it's just for decor or can one walk in it. We had a blizzard last night with about 10 cm. of snow which drifted around but not the 39 cm. that parts of Nova Scotia got! We're in for a very cold weekend. Enjoy!

Country Gal said...

You both look refreshed and tanned . Lovely photos ! We had a dusting of snow then rain again and now the snow has gone once again it has been mild and sunny then cold just a mixed bag of all sorts only more rain the snow this winter .Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

Christa said...

It sure looks windy ... almost like the winds we endured when we travelled to Alberta. It's nice to see you both smiling and enjoying yourselves. Beautiful pictures Dagmar ... xoxo