Wat Khao Lam Thom...

Wat Khao Lam Thom is a temple here in Tabiab

very near to us.

This was the first time we took the time to explore this part of the area.

It has several smaller

temples and statues within the compound, it's actually quite

a large temple area.

It hosts a farmers market a couple of times a week and is at the

end of the local bus route here.

We hopped aboard the songthaew and picked up some

lovely fresh fruit and vegetables.

I walked around the temple grounds to take

some photos and enjoy the

quiet and serenity that the grounds seem to provide.

I only saw one male monk in a saffron robe

and one female monk in her white robe.

I was unable to find out how old this temple is and where all the monks were during the day.


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Christa said...

Looks like a very interesting place. The Temples are beautiful. I'm sure you enjoyed the farmers market ... right up your alley. xoxo