Around the house..

Our home is always a work in progress.

I am always changing furniture and small things around.

First of all, it feels new, it feels fresh.

I love change, I love the challenge of learning new ideas,

whether it's in decorating, crafting, traveling or photography.

I just love learning, seeing new things,

I will never stop being curious.



Pamela Gordon said...

Dagmar, you and I are alike that way, at least the changing things around part. I am always moving decor around and wishing I could move furniture but with an open concept layout, open stairwell with a bookcase across it, and a large window that is difficult to do. So the small things get moved and changed with the seasons, holidays and in between. I love your vignettes. The turquoise metal container is fun.

Log Cabin Studio said...

Love your new header and the way you display things.

Christa said...

First of all ... I love your new header ... guess it's time I change mine. lol The pictures are a work of art ... love how you arranged all your treasures. xoxo