Claire's getting ready for Hawaii....

Oh my, Claire is excited about going to Hawaii

for her spring break next week.

We bought her several dresses in Thailand.

Jeremy and Julie had her model ours and the other two she will wear.

She already has a sense of style and as well

as a wonderful sense of humour when it comes to modelling.




Log Cabin Studio said...

She is such a cute model.

Country Gal said...

I bet I would be to if I was going lol ! Lovely photos hope she has great time !

Pamela Gordon said...

Claire is so sweet in her pretty sundresses. Little girls love to model and show off their clothes. Lucky her to be going to Hawaii for March Break!

Winifred said...

Those dresses are lovely. I bet she was over the moon with them.

Christa said...

Adorable ... !!! Looks like she's lov'in her dresses. Those dresses are perfect her trip to Hawaii. xoxo