My sweet Claire,

  • She was waiting at the front door when she saw me drive up.

    I came thru snow, ice, sleet, as well as rain to be her.

    She had a little hula girl in her hands, waiting to give it to me for a gift.

    The afternoon just got better with each hour.

    We played, she wrote me a note, we had a tea party,

    we played with two crochet balls I made her several years ago.

    We phoned and Face Time Jim, (OPa)!

    We went out for Sushi, she shared her rice!

    Oh, we sure had a lovley day!

    Believe me, I was so happy to see

    Julie and Jeremy as well!

    Frosso, she still has the little basket of pigs!


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Log Cabin Studio said...

so sweet!!!