Playing in my studio..

I have been having lots of fun styling my photos,

either in my craftroom or near a window

where the light is good.

This week I decided I would see what props

I had that are yellow along with the flowers I picked.

I was quite surprised about how many yellow things I had.

This was the photo I took on the weekend

that inspired the yellow palate.

All were taken with my IPhone 5c.




Pamela Gordon said...

That photo of the kayakers is so beautiful. It looks like they are floating through the sky! Your stylings with things from your house and nature are beautiful too. I love the yellows. Have a nice week Dagmar. xx Pam

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos . I to like yellow ! I haven't seen a cooler / picnic box like that in years my mum had one . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

Christa said...

Love all your photos ... the yellow color is like the sunshine that brightens your day. Keep playing ... !!! xoxo

Jacob William said...

Excellent site I have bookmarked your site..