Another day out...

Taking a walk this morning to get some errands done

makes its so wonderful to come back to

swim, walk and play in the pool.

Today there was a lot of humidity.

It's really quite warm but overcast.

On our walk we went into the InterContinental Hotel.

Fabulous location right on the beach.

It has one of the very few

highway overhead cross walks here in Hua Hin.

You get quite the view looking both north and south.

I also stopped at a display where they showed how silk was made.

On the walk back,

I saw this simply amazing water lily,

It was larger than my hand spread open.

We finished off our morning with a treat from our


becoming favourite bakery.

We were lucky to finally get enough beach to walk

on later on in the day.

The tide was out a far distance and around 5:00

was the perfect time to take it all in.



Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful Beautiful!! I love the flowers and the beaches. Enjoy.

Log Cabin Studio said...

Those cakes look amazing!!

Wayne W said...

Jim would look good in the Porsche. Looking at the pictures it looks like they drive on the wrong side of the road in Thailand. Great getting together on Skype earlier in the week.