It's all about the food....

There are street carts on every corner.
They have fish, chicken, pork,
shrimp & lobsters.
They add little side cars to their motor cycles
and have a small
little charcoal grill to cook the food when you hail them down.
They are resourceful and hardworking people and they love their food!
It is no wonder that Thai food is loved
everywhere it is served.
They also make some great pineapple
mini pies and cake.
You see pineapple fields everywhere here.
I love how they showed how a pineapple grows
in their wheelbarrow.
They also makes very yummy cold drinks such as
iced lattes and smoothies.



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The Thai guys at the business meeting in Dubai this week are trying to talk my husband into attending an "open house" at their company towards the end of January. My husband hasn't agreed just yet but I'm hoping we will get to go. I've only been to Thailand once and would love to visit again (especially since my husband deleted all the pictures from our first trip there). I wasn't blogging them, so nothing was saved. :(

Christa said...

Hello my friend ... your pictures are amazing ... It is so nice to see the freshness of all the foods fresh and prepared. No wonder there is no need to cook. The colours are beautiful. Happy that you are enjoying your holiday. xoxo