Beautiful different resorts...

It has been overcast here the past few days,

it even rained a bit.

We decided to head out and see some of the resorts along the beach road.

We had looked at them last year and noted how quiet

the resorts are at this time.

The Thai people are in a years mourning for their

much beloved King.

Here are a few photos.

I wanted to replicate one of my favourite photos from last year.

I had on my favourite dress and just swapped out

a different coloured shawl.

I am going to try to take the same picture

In this same dress each year we come here.




Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely pictures as always. Your face is looking very slim in 2016. Have you lost weight? Cloudy here today and even though it's not super cold, it feels cold inside so I'm layered up and just had some soup.

Log Cabin Studio said...

You look great happy and relaxed.