Tamarind Market...


Tamarind Market

is only steps away from our Condo here in

Hua Hin.

This year it has a different feel to it,

it's more vibrant, cleaner and has different vendors.

It's a favourite with the Thai people.

Even though it is very close to the Cicada Market,

it's well worth going here.

Has live music and wonderful food.

They have also added some wonderful vintage

VW's and Cars that they sell clothing and crafts from them.

More photos of those next week.




Log Cabin Studio said...

It Looks like a great place to check out and enjoy all the food vendors.

Christa said...

I agree with Caroline ... was going to say the same !!! It's nice that it is so close for. The food looks delicious. Enjoy your day exploring ... !!! xoxo