A weekend in photos..

A weekend of walks and drives around the area.

The water is still very high,

lots of sandbags still on the waterfront properties.

The weather is warming up, so the snow will melt and the water

in the lake will rise again.

Let's hope that it will soon be resolved.





Winifred said...

Gorgeous photographs. I love that flower on your header. Absolutely beautiful.

prairiegirl said...

Yes! That header is beautiful. Like I could touch it...smell it!
You and your man. Looking like the vision of health and happiness. Isn't life a wonderful, magical thing?
I watched a documentary the other night, simply called the Buddha. It sort of changed me in a way. I'm sure finding light, joy and peace in people and situations and things like I never did before.
So, when I saw your smiling faces, I thought, "Buddha." Hahaha Okay, well, now it's late and I must get some rest.