Jimmy and Cookie...

Our old girl Cookie still enjoying her walks and new places to sniff. She will be 15 on May 11.

Trying to pose with Jim.
She isn't feeling very well today, kind of quiet and hasn't had her usual spark.
I think it is just because it is still so cold here for her instead of the warmth that she is used to in Arizona.


hippo chick said...

Hi Dagmar,

I could never get Frazier to pose when I wanted him to. That's pretty old for a big dog like Pebbles. I know you treasure every day you have with him.

I bought some fabric for aprons yesterday. Wish me luck. I hope I'll be able to get to them next week. I haven't sewn anything for 30 years.

~hippo hugs~

Happy Day Lady said...

Hi Dagmar and Jim
Many blessings dear Cookie to feel spry asap.
Cookie - the warm Okanagan weather is coming!

hippo chick said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I called Cookie Pebbles. Sorry.

~hippo hugs~