The last of the AZ. journals..

Notice the heart, it came from a sock that was a gift from my cousin Gabby in Switzerland. I loved the edelweiss, so I just cut it out of the side of the sock and had stored it away for further use and here it is on my last handmade journal before we leave.

Birds seem to be a recurring theme of mine right now.

Words from my British Country Living magazine, and a chance to look at things from a different prospective.

I always try to think outside the box..who knew????

Embellished post card sewn to the from of the journal with all kinds of button, pearls and of course some glitter.


Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?

Rose F. Kennedy

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Happy Day Lady said...

What an lovely quote!
Dagmar - incredible on the journals! Wow!
Just beautiful :)
It's always hard to wave farewell - however now you are needed up North! There will be many great times in the sun, for y'all here and!
think of all the wine country guests who will delight in the fun you show them Dagmar style!
Many blessings :)