GreenCraft magazine... 2nd submission

I needed something quick that would protect my table from the plants as well as look great for my dinner party.

I had 3 potted Primulas, a large empty clear plastic box that used to have salad greens it....some shredded paper..a ripped length of fabric...a bit of twine. Here is how I did it...

Clean out salad container
In that contIner, put in 3 potted plants (swap out with Mini Roses, African violtes..etc..the list is endless)
Push them to one side as you stuff the shredded paper along the sides...move pots to into the middle and stuff the ends and the last side with the shredded paper..let some it them stick up..I think it looks more charming that way.
Rip a length of fabric..fraying the selvage edges...attach around box with a bit it doubled tape or hot glue...tie a piece of bakers twine, ribbon or yarn around it..fluff the flowers up and it is worthy as a hostess gift, table centre, Mother's Day, or birthday gift. Just replace the shredded paper as needed or with shredded color tissue for Easter, Valentines Day.

Cost:$1.95 x 3 for primula's
Time 15 mins.


Christa said...

Ohhh ... I remember when you first made this ... loved it ... another submissions for GreenCraft magazine ... didn't expect one so soon ... well sweetie keep them coming ... I have a special folder set aside for all your projects ... even if I didn't have one ... I know where to get them from ... xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

That's cute! I love how some simple things dressed that up so much.

They'd have to love this one, too!