Casco Vijeo

This old part of Panama is such a study in contrasts...very very old Spanish Colonial buildings being re-modeled....others left un touched..abandoned and littered with garbage as well as people living in slum conditions...
Here are some of the sights we saw yesterday.

Just one of the many building under restoration..check the angels at the top...

The wrought iron balconies and an electricians nightmare full of wires!

Plaza Bolivar...a courtyard filled with interesting vignettes..this a full height wooden statue of the priest was inside this huge church!

Just hanging out in the warm sun.....

The skyline in the background of the vibrant Panama City!

We had the help of a policeman on his bike who made sure tourists like us stayed safe and didn't go into the dangerous areas..he just lead us to the avenue that took us to the "Bridge of the Americas"....sometimes you just need to show that nothing is perfect we are careful..but not fearful and I feel because of that we have met so many delightful people who share their Panama stories with us!


koralee said...

Your colours today are beautiful my friend..I adore the last photo...even these colours are stunning.
Well woke up to snow...and lots of is still falling. So enjoy your sun! xoxoxoxo

Log Cabin Studio said...

Stay the photos,looks like an amazing country.