Trash and Treasures....

It was a wonderful day to collect sea glass.

I think these are the most

pieces I have found on a single walk.

Jim went out for most of the morning and I did our long walk.

The tide was almost at its lowest level,

the waves were bringing in new shells and glass!

I had a plastic bag with me and was able to collect

quite a bit of garbage as well.

The good!

The bad and the ugly!

This jelly fish was about 6 inches across!








Christa said...

Wow ... amazing how the tide brings in more sea glass and shells ... a new find every day. You have quite a collection already. The sight of the jellyfish gave me the shivers... that was a good sized one. xoxo

Maureen said...

Yikes! I never thought that last photo was of a jellyfish - looks like more sea glass!