Land of smiles...

The Thai people are really friendly.

As we walk around in our local village,

almost every Thai we meet smiles at you.

They have a large grounds crew here that

keep this area spotless.

Each day you see them

raking up leaves, watering the flowers and shrubs.

You hear them talk and laugh together.

Smiling comes easy to them,

we could all learn that such a small thing as a smile

makes each one of us feel special.



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

In Sri Lanka, they are sweeping, sweeping, sweeping all the ding dong day. Ha! With a smile on their face, too. Glad you continue to enjoy your time.

Pamela Gordon said...

When I think of the stormy weather going on outside our house tonight I would love to be sitting and enjoying the lovely views of the water there. Beautiful! Have a wonderful week.

Christa said...

Love all the pictures ... the grounds look so well kept. It's wonderful that they take pride in their surroundings. No wonder they are smiling. Makes me smile just thinking about it. Enjoy your venture ... !!! xoxo