Exploring alone...

It's a very interesting time when you are

in a different country for an extended period.

Most days Jim and I spend them together.

But there are some sights I want to see and Jim has no interest in them.

Truly, I understand.

I mean just how many flower photos can I possibly take?

( Or need?)

Maybe I need to see just another Temple that is up the hill.

Happily, a hockey game was being streamed

on the TV and I was off.


All on my own, taking as many photos as I wanted to,

being delighted with the sights, smells, and smiles

of the Thai people at the day market.

It is an easy town to get around in, lots of inexpensive transportation,

many many food stalls to eat at as well as an extraordinary

small things that delight me.

It's very very busy on the roads, but it feels

and is friendly and safe.




Christa said...

It looks like you had a blissful day ... judging by all the beautiful photos you have posted. I can envision your smiling face as you made your way thru the town. xoxo

Log Cabin Studio said...

Great photos and it looks like you had a wonderful time....spending some time on your own.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'd be right there with you ... I love exploring ... and know there is so much to see and do where you are.