Weekend free of smoke.....

It has been such an unusual spring and now

summer here in the


First we had the wettest spring on record with some of

the most serious flooding this area has seen.

Right after that, the fire season started with high tempetures and strong winds.

The summer months where filled with hot smokey days.

77 days without rain.

To celebrate one of the clear days we had over the weekend,

we drove the WestSide Road, up to Vernon and

had a lovely picnic along the way.

You definitely can feel that fall is in the air.

I celebrated my 68th birthday on the 13.

How blessed I feel to be so healthy and happy.

Always a bittersweet day for me as I was born 2 days after my

Mom's 25th birthday.

I miss her each day.



1 comment:

Winifred said...

Gorgeous photos Dagmar. Glad you have lost the smoke!

You never stop missing your Mam do you.